Monday, October 14, 2013

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Into: Science, math, innovation, cybersecurity, AI/AGI/ASI, Singularity,  
writing, thinking outside the box and a few other things. 

Some of my works (click the images for details):


The most reliableaffordable and versatile reminder and lifesaver for kids and pets in vehicles out of all products and concepts proposed so far.
 U.S. Patent  10,068,459 -- Google Patents

Designed to be very beneficial to our national security*

Most likely the strongest phishing-resistant MFA ever designed to keep cybercriminals 
at bay for now and in the soon-to-come age of quantum computers.  


Four Letters and a Tale is a tension-filled, fast-paced scaredy against a background of high adventure.

Paraphrasing Poe's "a dream within a dream", this script is a puzzle within a puzzle.

LOGLINE: After opening the wrong letters, eight strangers end up in a deadly maze where they struggle to find their only way out -- the right letter.

Video game

More challenging than chess.

Search tool

Powerful  online search and innovative/disruptive advertising tool.

DiCheetal Blog                On Advertising

 Scientific research idea

How to asymptotically approach the Absolute Knowledge.

Lucky Charm

Formula for Moola is the smartest lucky charm in modern history.

Name calling
(sort of)

The Euler's equation of Onomastics

Some of my domain names are for sale HERE


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