Monday, October 14, 2013

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Four Letters and a Tale is a tension-filled, fast-paced scaredy against a background of high adventure.

Paraphrasing Poe's "a dream within a dream", this script is a puzzle within a puzzle.

LOGLINE: After opening the wrong letters, eight strangers end up in a deadly maze where they struggle to find their only way out -- the right letter.

Video Game
More Challenging than Chess. 


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   Formula for Moola: The smartest Lucky Charm in modern history.


   Metaphor: 9/11, Before and After. See more HERE. 


Universal Forget-Me-Not device 

Search tool
The most powerful search and advertising tool in the history of the Internet.

    Scientific research idea: (read caviar4thought first)
                                           How to asymptotically approach the Absolute Knowledge